Food Updates as of March 23, 2011

This document shows the results of testing spinach, onions, and kakina from various locations in Tsukuba. Levels of iodine should be below 2000 Bq/kg and cesium should be below 500 Bq/kg for vegetables. Testing was done on March 22 and 23. The tests on March 22 were done without washing the vegetables, and the tests on March 23 were done after washing them. The following vegetables were tested.

spinach from Tsukuba area (means near Mt. Tsukuba, not the whole city)
spinach from Toyosato area
spinach from Sakura area
spinach from Yatabe area
onion from Sakura area
onion from Kukizaki area
kakina from Yatabe area

High levels of iodine and cesium were found in spinach from Sakura and high levels of iodine were found in spinach from Yatabe.


Today’s verdict: Hold off on Ibaraki spinach for now. Onions and kakina are okay. (Who’s eating all that kakina anyway?)

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