Nuclear Plant Updates as of April 1, 2011

Here are the major updates about the nuclear plant according to the latest press release from the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (the organization that has been reporting on the reactors since the beginning). (I have basically copied these verbatim from the press release, so the English is a bit quirky.)

  • In order to prepare to transfer the stagnant water on the basement floor of the turbine building of Unit 2 to the Condenser, the water in the Condensate Storage Tank was transferred to the Surge Tank of Suppression Pool Water. (16:45 March 29th till 11:50 April 1st)
  • Injection of fresh water to the Spent Fuel Pool of Unit 2 via the Spent Fuel Pool Cooling Line was started using the temporary motor-driven pump. (14:56 April 1st)
  • Spray of around 180t of fresh water for Unit 4 using Concrete Pump Truck (50t/h) was carried out. (From 08:28 till 14:14 April 1st)
  • The transfer of fresh water from the barge to the Filtrate Tank was started. (15:58 April 1st). Thereafter it was suspended due to the malfunction of the hose.

Also, here is what they are saying about radiation exposure.

  • Regarding Fukushima residents: In Fukushima Prefecture, up until March 30th, the screening was done to 110,340 people. Among them, 102 people were at a level above 100,000cpm, but when these people were tested again without clothes, etc., the counts decreased to 100,000cpm or below, and there was no case which affects health.
  • Regarding nuclear plant workers: At around 11:35 April 1st, a worker fell into the sea when he went on board the barge of the US Armed forces in order to adjust the hose. He was rescued immediately by other workers around without any injury, etc. However, as the surface contamination was noticed, he was decontaminated by having a shower. As a result of nasal smear, radionuclide contamination was not confirmed in the nostril.


Verdict: Good to hear that people who have been exposed to the higher radiation levels in Fukushima are not expected to suffer any negative health effects.

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