Water Updates as of April 2, 2011

Readings at Lake Kasumigaura (water source for Tsukuba)

March 29 at Tsuchiura City
14.9 Bq/kg for iodine
1.06 Bq/kg for cesium
March 30 at Sakuragawa City
11.6 Bq/kg for iodine
1.01 Bq/kg for cesium
March 31 at Tsuchiura City
13.4 Bq/kg for iodine
1.05 Bq/kg for cesium
April 1 at Sakuragawa City
9.2 Bq/kg for iodine
1.96 Bq/kg for cesium
April 2 at Tsuchiura City
11.2 Bq/kg for iodine
cesium not detected

Source: http://www.pref.ibaraki.jp/20110311eq/pdf/0283.pdf (Ibaraki prefectural government)

Levels at which we need to start getting concerned
iodine: 300 Bq/kg for drinking water (adults) and 100 Bq/kg for drinking water (babies)
cesium: 200 Bq/kg for drinking water

Verdict: Safe to drink the water in Tsukuba

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