Recommended Reading: Lucid Communication – April 7, 2011

It has been difficult to find well-reasoned blog posts about the aftermath of the earthquake and the situation in Fukushima. Here is one post that we think is worth reading.

An Unprecedented Time at the Tokyo American Club: Lecture on Radiation

[…] He said that in this room 25% of us would get cancer without any exposure to radiation. In an odd twist of fate the researchers who have studied radiation have learned the most about it from the after effects of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. He continued to say that in the studies of those that developed cancer after Atomic bomb they were only an additional 800 cases above the baseline 25%. The amount of radiation that is being experienced in Tokyo at this point (< 0.1 mSv) in time would increase the baseline rate of 25% cancer by 0.0008% which he stated as a scientist is statistically insignificant. He, as a scientist could not distinguish the increase from the baseline. In the Q&A segment a gentleman asked him what amount of radiation would it take to increase the 0.0008 to 1%. After jotting down some computations on his notes he answered about 2000 times the levels that Tokyo is experiencing today. (Lucid Communication – April 7, 2001)

Read the article:

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2 Responses to Recommended Reading: Lucid Communication – April 7, 2011

  1. jacob schere says:

    thanks for helping to spread
    knowledge and facts over rumor
    and speculation.

    much respect

    good info on this site too.

    jacob schere

  2. Mamoru Shimizu says:

    Informative lecture by the exparts. If possible I would like to know comments from exparts of US military medical section about effect to soldiers of Gulf-war since we had heard there are still effects on them by useing so called inferior-uranium-bullets.

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