Food Updates as of April 8, 2011

1. Rice Planting

The following chart shows that there is currently no reason to place restrictions on rice planting in Ibaraki. Tests were done on soil in various parts of the prefecture and the levels are all below the 5000 Bq/kg limit.

Here is a map with the same information, showing how far the places in Ibaraki are from the nuclear power plants.

2. Foods That Have Been Banned from Being Shipped

The following chart compares the measurements taken of iodine and cesium levels in spinach, parsley, and kakina from Ibaraki on March 30 to the levels on April 6. Levels of iodine and cesium are going down in all cases, and only spinach from Takahagi remains above the threshold. (The reading from Takahagi is underlined.)

Levels at which we need to start getting concerned
iodine (I-131): 2000 Bq/kg for vegetables
cesium (Cs-134, 136, 137): 500 Bq/kg for vegetables

Verdict: I couldn’t find (through laziness, mainly) an official statement that the shipping ban has been lifted, but it probably will be soon if the numbers keep going down like this.

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3 Responses to Food Updates as of April 8, 2011

  1. Mamoru Shimizu says:

    I felt at ease to see these chart, thank you for providing this information. Still I am worring Japanese so-called “FUHYO;rumors” they just care “Any amout or Zero amount”. They are very sensitive about radio-activity more than Agricultural chemicals ( reductoin of consumption of Chinese vegetables for direct house-use since finding small amount of resdual of agricultual chemicals several years ago, eels too).
    I think they(mothers) are too sensitive, but they are mainly responsible to raise children.

  2. tiina says:

    Why information stopped somewhere around 21th of April?

  3. Shaney says:

    Hi Tiina,

    I haven’t updated the site lately because we are out of the most critical stage of this crisis (and I am busy). If you want to keep up with current developments, please join the Facebook group:

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