Tsukuba Safety: Protect Yourself from Mugging

There have been 10 muggings (in the form of bag snatching) reported to the Ibaraki Police since the beginning of this year: three in Tsukuba, three in Mito, and one each in Tsuchiura, Ushiku, Chikusei, and Yuki. They have happened to both men and women, but they tend to happen at night. The perpetrator will come up behind the victim on a bike or scooter and snatch the bag.

One mugging took place last night (January 20) at midnight in the Azuma area of Tsukuba. A young woman was walking down the street when two young men on a bicycle made like they were trying to pass her, but stole her bag as they went past. The boys were described as “young” and “wearing polyester jumpers”. A similar mugging happened on the 16th in the same area.

Women should be very careful when walking at night, and should probably not walk alone late at night in certain parts of Tsukuba. Also, please pay attention when you are walking or biking, especially at night. If you are carrying a bag, carry it in a way that makes it difficult to take from you, such as by moving it to the side of your body that is away from the road. If you are riding a bicycle, put a net over your bag so it can’t be easily removed from your basket.

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