This is a temporary site for sharing timely information with English-speaking residents of Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan in the aftermath of the Sendai Earthquake in March 2011. It is being maintained by Shaney Crawford.

I am doing my best to provide ONLY RELIABLE INFORMATION on this website. I am checking and double checking any information that I receive before I post it so I don’t end up adding to the chaos.

There is also a Facebook group for Tsukuba residents. Please consider joining if you have a Facebook account. Many people are sharing good information there as they find it. I am checking it and posting it to this website.


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  1. samskimilla says:

    Hi, I have been commenting in the UK on the Guardian website (name Freebeing) regarding the events in Japan and at the Fukushima plants. A poster with the name of mjhollamby posted there linking to this site and asking for any sources of information regarding doses and effects of radiation.
    I have some links for you that provide information.

    Chart showing relative doses:


    Article on health effects (contains links to more information / studies):


    Take care and good luck



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